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Here you have two so very contradictory personalities. One who wants to be a serious journalist but became a serious comedian ie Andersen cooper. The other who is a standup comedian who is still a comedian at heart but got lost in a partisan talk show comedy ie Stephen Colbert. Dear Anderson, I rarely comment yet having experienced a number of audible messages from God, I can share with you that God is the 1976-2016 rocky 40th anniversary shirt greatest mystery of all, and is pure joy, he does not punish. I recently assisted my Goddess sister home to heaven and I experienced a rare miracle.


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Now what you experienced is the Soul’s departure. There is a weight, a substance to the Soul. You feel that substance as it leaves the body of Soul Family Members. You feel it within your own consciousness as a loss, as a Lack. The Soul that gives life to the sister departs from the physical plane to rejoin the ancestors from this and other lives of yours. Now the event was a type of ritual observance, in the way of the ancestors, in that, Love and Courage were embraced and surrender to the Divine was accomplished. This is ideal, from my perspective.


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This is the way it can be done for the good of all concerned. I get that he is a sexual predator, but Man let the 1976-2016 rocky 40th anniversary shirt guy live. I am kinda impressed with his survival skills tbh. How many of you can live a week with no amenities, let alone your phone, and this guy managed to pull it off for 3 years without getting caught. He deserves a book deal lol. My heart has different emotions with this. It breaks for this man that just lost his wife, yet so full if love for him and the people attending Her memorial service. Peace be with you, sorry for your loss.

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