It’s laughable that the very people who are on this thread complaining about Boris Johnston’s inflammatory language, obviously think they still have the right to abuse Brexiteers. The words thick, cretin, idiot, Brexshitter, are just a few of the 305 Miami Dolphins Shirt used against us total hypocrisy comes to mind. Phil Meredith Using offensive words to complain about other people using offensive words makes your argument null and void. Boris Johnston, Nigel Farage, and Jacob Rees Mogg have all had death threats. You don’t think that’s anything to do with hard-left remainers labeling them as Nazis, and Fascists for the past 3 years.


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JRM children have been abused on their own doorstep is that acceptable I think not. Should we just sweep that under the carpet because it doesn’t suit the left’s agenda? Nobody should be threatened while doing their jobs, this has been happening to Brexiteers for the past 3 years but that seems to be acceptable funny how it becomes a hot topic when it happens to remain MPs. They shouldn’t be bringing 2-year-old murder cases to try to get people on the side it’s blatant if you ask me just another smokescreen to stop Brexit.


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Didn’t they assassinate Dr. David Kelly for telling truth about the lack of weapons in Iraq and the humbug for me was more how the f..k is it my fault your getting death threats. They are holding up what the 305 Miami Dolphins Shirt voted for and stopping the government doing anything. My language would be worse if I was shouted at all day with fake stalling tactics. For me, her and jo Swanson looked like they were blinking to induce tears like when you’re a kid welling up in the eye’s being told off desperate for those tears to come out so you can half fake it. If you Remainers think the upper-class Tories are angry wait till get yourselves into working-class areas and knock on some doors.


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You have stopped democracy in this country, democracy that so many fought to achieve and so many have fought for through our history paying the ultimate sacrifice. You have through every underhanded way possible prevented the result of the people’s vote in 2016, that is to leave the EU. You have continually insulted the people who voted to leave saying they are unintelligent, didn’t understand what they voted for, racists bigots the list goes on. The tone of the debate is inflammatory, says man accosting another who was simply having a quiet conversation. Mr. Cummings maintained his composure quite well.

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