Frances Spinelli, Hillary never took the fifth. One person on her staff did take the fifth but certainly not her entire staff. This from Politico Only one person who worked directly for Clinton is known to have asserted his Constitutional right against self-incrimination: Bryan Pagliano, a computer specialist who held a political appointment at the State Department and also worked for the Clinton family. Jeffrey Rau that’s not in the Constitution, it’s only been the practice by Presidents. Trump had said he would as soon as his taxes were not being audited. There was evidence that his Taxes were not being audited, but rather he finally refused to show them.

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It brought attention to the question of what is he trying to hide, his possible Russian dealings, payoffs to shady deals, etc. A few good attorney generals. The good news is America is still given by the rule of law. If you are lucky, your case will hear by these few good judges, and if you are super lucky, your State Attorney General will fight for you all the way and never give up. but the bottom line is don’t give up, otherwise, you are just wasting your luck and all these few good attorneys, judge or attorney generals time. A truly great leader and role model.

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President Trump has delivered on his promises to the American people. The wall is getting built, the people are united and the racial hate, that Obama was spreading, has come to an end. Jobs and fair trade policies have made the US a powerhouse of democracy and freedom again. Keeping illegals out of the US is an election pledge being honored. Future generations will be inspired by President Trump’s leadership. It’s America first for the next 5 years. So very, very sad, I was hoping and praying this sweet young girl would heal.

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Such a terrible loss for her friends and family. I hope it will in time bring them some comfort knowing she has touched my life and I am sure many many lives. My heart and prayers are with them all. Losing a child would be the hardest loss a parent could ever have to suffer. It is impossible to find words that can convey my sorrow for her family. No one can take what he says at face value because he can totally change what he says a day later. We owe the Saudi’s nothing as a country but chump, on the other hand, owes them a lot. We can’t get into war because chump owes them money.





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