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I feel wicked bad that we have a President that treats refugee children at our Mexican border less than he treats Russians who actually attacked us. But I guess because it helped him win the election he is beholding. Do you really have to be a Harvard Lawyer to know this. It makes me sick that we do not have many Patriots left. You know on the Crockett Tubbs 2020 Shirt we do but not in Washington DC. I am exhausted with the GOP lies. Our illegitimate President is working for Putin once again. We all know what this President has done and is turning our country into a dictatorship. How much does it take for his base to see this.


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Hell, most of the Senators I thought that was American saviors have left us now. If a criminal breaks the law he goes to jail. In the same way, if people break God’s 10 Commandments he will justly send them to hell forever. But if someone pays the fine/bail money for the Crockett Tubbs 2020 Shirt then they can go free. Jesus Christ, the one who is God and man, paid the fine for the sins of people by dying on the cross. His death paid the bail for sinners. Then he rose from the dead and defeated death. Repent and trust in Jesus to save you from sin and hell and you will be saved and have eternal life.


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I’ve noticed a sudden and notable jump in your coverage of environmental issues, which is so desperately vital and welcome. For years I’ve been posting, emailing, tweeting, calling CNN HQ and anchors individually begging for so much as a mere 15 minutes a day about these topics, in place of the 15th daily rerun of the Crockett Tubbs 2020 Shirt political story. I hope you will stick with it and grow it exponentially. For those who were educated by the public school system, wildfires are the natural course of the ecology. It is a necessary part of the system.


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This is why federal firefighters don’t put out wildfires. They steer them in the direction they need to go. It’s all part of nature. Fish die. Their remains fertilize. The ecosystem flourishes. It’s been happening for a long time, a lot of lot longer than governments figured out how to save them. This is a hype story. There’s no truth here. I fought wildfire for the state. We protected life and property, the Crockett Tubbs 2020 Shirt camped out and let nature take its course. This news outlet and the left are bullshitting you because you keep falling for it.

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