This President should be fixing this country not helping others. It’s just that simple for me. Phillip Daydream on a crouton. If they had something on him they would have already stuck it on him. They wouldn’t even have let him take office and you know it. This country is succeeding and most likely so are you. You haven’t lost a single thing besides pride and common sense since Donald Trump became your president and you know it. Everything is just a photo op. No foreign policy, hateful immigration policies that will harm children, tax breaks for the Doctor Who Police Box Christmas Shirt, more deaths caused by white supremacists, and constant nasty childlike rhetoric from the President.


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No leadership positions approved by the Senate, and that’s just the Doctor Who Police Box Christmas Shirt . I am willing to hear your list of accomplishments that have made this country one iota better. This is not a political party issue, this is a competency issue. We have a dementia patient flailing around in the White House. Amy M. Baker warren tries to use lab-tested genetics to grab votes. Biden and his family are in bed with china mostly his son. Buttigieg is a wimp who couldn’t even stand up to some loudmouth BLM protestors.


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Jeremy Grove DUI is a criminal offense. Seeking Asylum is legal, or was legal until the POS in the WH changed the rules. Imagine if you jaywalked would you expect to be separated from your children and put in a cage. I think not. You are comparing apples and oranges and there is no way to support or defend what he has done. These policies are oassholes policies. TRUMP is enforcing the Doctor Who Police Box Christmas Shirt. Masshole actually deported over 1 MILLION illegals. They are not cages. They are areas divided to protect people from people. Have you ever left this country?


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When we come home, we are lead to a special area, no windows, no bathrooms, no cell phones permitted, police dogs and custom offices making sure we belong here. WTF is wrong with holding criminals till we know where they are from and going if we let them into our country. Not just separated but lost. Know why of reuniting them. Diane Reardon, so you are saying in your comment that the Doctor Who Police Box Christmas Shirt administration exercised racial profile. Hailed and separated families based on assumptions and suspicions because of their Latin race coming from Mexico? There would be no proof at that point of crimes. Do you know what is a crime.

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