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This has had horrific results. Some of the people are struggling to come out of the effects of altered diets. It’s truly dangerous. There should be some regulatory mechanism for posting on YouTube. But then Facebook and YouTube are tòo large an organization. BBC started the Duck Pittsburgh Steelers Sweater also mentioning turmeric as being one of the fake suggestions for cancer cure. When did they speak about it and when did the doctor say anything about it. So to grab people’s attention to BBC’s dumb video they mentioned turmeric on the opening line but throughout the video, the doctor never said that turmeric is a fake medicine for cancer.

Duck Pittsburgh Steelers Shirt

Duck Pittsburgh Steelers Sweater, Hoodie, And Long Sleeved, Ladies.

I’ve learned so many things from YouTube. But it’s also true there’s a lot of wrong info there. When a YouTuber isn’t a doctor or an engineer, they shouldn’t describe or upload such terms videos there. Some YouTubers have videos on health care, tech expertise, machinery devices but that person doesn’t even have a graduation degree. The Duck Pittsburgh Steelers Sweater of proper Helium Mass Spectrometer leak detection to a high standard before SF6 filling followed by an SF6 leak test in the factory and in-service and proper end of life recovery and all will be well.


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I suspect a dash for low-cost manufacturing or low cost at any price is the source of the trouble. The tragedy of our times is that the gathering collapse of our life support systems has coincided with the age of public disservice. Just as we need to rise above self-interest and short-termism, governments around the world now represent the meanest and dirtiest of special interests. In the United Kingdom, the Duck Pittsburgh Steelers Sweater, Brazil, Australia, and many other nations, plutocrats rule. Great, a new target for the eco-warriors to ban. Ban carbon dioxide, now SF6. Join the new wave of extremist wealth distribution, the tax that evil SF6 into oblivion, replace it with something that costs ten times more, raising the cost to every consumer along the way, join the anti SF6 movement now.


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Feel safe now that the EU is hot on the trail of this earth annihilating gas.  Deniers are either paid by the oil and gas industry to dismiss all this or they are intellectually inferior youtube specialists that prefer to believe a crackpot video over the Duck Pittsburgh Steelers Sweater and research of thousands of trained scientists. Anyone that believes that pumping trillions of tons of noxious gases and pollutants into the atmosphere has no negative effects on climate are just being willfully stupid. Great, so the wind is worse than coal. Get our coal-powered stations back up and running.

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