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They don’t want to admit that nuclear is dangerous because then they’d have to spend money on the lengthy process of reactor decommission, which is more expensive than the building of the plant and takes longer. So he’s arguing that they will innovate. As far as I’m concerned, nuclear power should be researched more, only as to how it is affecting the Ghost Boo Bees Halloween shirt that is already under the stress of climate change. The Earth can’t handle any more nuclear fiascoes. There’s nowhere in this country or on this planet that’s safe to house nuclear reactors.

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Nowhere. All it takes is one hurricane, one tornado, one wildfire, one earthquake, one flood, and heaven forbid, one terrorist attack away from a nuclear disaster like what happened in Japan, 3 Mile Island and Chernobyl. How many more disasters do you need to get that through your thick skull? Nuclear power is one of the most expensive to build and operate. I would seriously look at who his financial backers are, and what ties they have to the nuclear industry. He also ignores the safety aspect, the amount of water that is needed and what environmental effect the heating of that water has, and then the disposal issue.

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If you think throwing trillions of dollars into what many scientists call a hoax and a battle you can’t win, vote democrat. We have the lowest emissions in the world. Most other countries have no laws nor can afford climate change expenses, therefore we just throwing money into the wind. Chernobyl. Three Mile Island. Fukushima. Not to mention the Ghost Boo Bees Halloween shirt waste that lasts for a thousand years and remains dangerous! Nobody plans for accidents. But when they happen, the consequences last longer than our lifetimes. Our environment, humanity, can’t take a few more nuclear disasters. The only good nuclear future is a NO nuclear future.

Ghost Boo Bees Halloween shirt


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