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We have a signed check for hush payments while he was president. That’s an illegal & an impeachable offense. So proud to see that my party finally recognizes the importance of taking down the Dotard!! A criminal president must be held accountable for his undeniable criminalities. Do the math on a 60W incandescent vs 9W equivalent. The Hard Rock Cafe Dragonstone GOT Shirt bulb will cost you many, many times its purchase price in energy, is the way to go, it’s more expensive upfront but saves you enough energy to pay for itself several times over. As usual, Trump is being short-sighted and can’t do simple math. Most people with common sense and the means go with bulbs already.

Hard Rock Cafe Dragonstone GOT Shirt


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My home has been probably Led for 6 years. many state and local governments already have regulations on energy-efficient lighting why does the federal government have to get involved. let local governments decide what is best for their area. not to mention that these changes are to include specialty and decorative bulbs. most lightbulbs already adhere to the standards set by Bush’s bill. Another money grab for the archaic energy industry. Has nothing to do with the Administrations caring about core America and all about profits.

Hard Rock Cafe Dragonstone GOT Shirt


Hard Rock Cafe Dragonstone GOT Shirt, Hoodie, and Sweater designed by Goldenteeshirt.

The energy industry has already complained that the use of green technologies especially solar, would cut into their profits. A truly great leader and role model. President Trump has delivered on his promises to the American people. The wall is getting built, the Hard Rock Cafe Dragonstone GOT Shirt are united and the racial hate, that Obama was spreading, has come to an end. Jobs and fair trade policies have made the US a powerhouse of democracy and freedom again. Keeping illegals out of the US is an election pledge being honored. Future generations will be inspired by President Trump’s leadership. It’s America first for the next 5 years.

Hard Rock Cafe Dragonstone GOT Shirt


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