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Hong Kongians please learn from other countries what happened to them when they protest over their govt in the name of democracy. Never trust western countries they never ever wish you good fortune for any country other than themselves. China does not ask Cathay to suspend its staff. China bans all Cathay staff who joint illegal demonstration flying over China. Recently a Cathay pilot was arrested in a riot, the radical pilot after the Hard Rock Cafe Gallifrey Shirt was found flying flights in China. The flying over Chinese air space ban is a precaution against type tragedy. Communism will be enforced in Hong Kong because these young protesters have forced the government’s hand.

Hard Rock Cafe Gallifrey Shirt


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Had they stopped when they won the battle of extradition, all would be OK, but they had to keep going, and going, and escalating, getting bigger and bigger, spreading into more and more places. Now they are doing the airport and hassling the tourists. Shanghai Shenzhen are beacons of prosperity and peace. The GDP of the greater Guangdong area is more than in South Korea. The rich of China. Look at the inner cities of the USA. Racism police violence and gun violence. Clean up your own cities first. Wow, kind of like Democrats posting the names of donors to Trump so they can be intimidated and harassed.

Hard Rock Cafe Gallifrey Shirt


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Communist thug tactics used in America mixed with Nazi tactics of Antifa shutting down free speech with violence and threats. Many of those who fled their religions are in search again. Some try to escape the complexity of their daily lives via various means. Those who had the Hard Rock Cafe Gallifrey Shirt to examine the Qur’an and Islam, proceed with a complete way of life that relates man to establish a purpose for his presence on earth. This is well recognized in the Attributes of Allah and what does He require from a man. He does not want a man to be enslaved to any false deity: nature, drugs, lust, money, another man, desire, or sex.

Hard Rock Cafe Gallifrey Shirt



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