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Dino W. Vajzovic No, these are purely my personal comment and I am just stating the fact that the BBC chose to hide. Sure, you may doubt if the enforcement of warning is appropriate or not, which is totally your freedom. But isn’t it necessary and reasonable to know the Hard Rock Cafe Gotham Shirt accurately before you doubt or get angry? Rob Daniel Hi, Rob it is your freedom to see if the Chinese regime is brutal or not. That’s fine. But when you are accusing, shouldn’t you accuse with the rightful claim. Should you accuse anybody of the crimes he did not commit, even if he is a sheer devil.

Hard Rock Cafe Gotham Shirt


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Is this the justice and rule of law you are talking about and based on which you are questioning the Chinese regime right at this moment. Yang Huang brainwashed much or are you on the Chinese government payroll. Improvements to human rights have always been done by people brave enough to stand up to an oppressor which involves legal protest as deemed by the oppressor. Estelle Austin This is not true. The Hong Kong police approved most of the demonstrations and rejected several others. And under no circumstance will any violence or rioting will be legal and approved by any police in any country, will it?

Hard Rock Cafe Gotham Shirt


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You can see how the police dealt with the London riots or Yellow Vests in Paris. I have met people who were there. Watched it live. The stories are beyond belief, And for obvious reasons, it is the most censored event in China. So much disinformation about it put out by the Hard Rock Cafe Gotham Shirt authorities and press. Which of course are the same thing? Rob Daniel, I can understand your opinion of Tian’anmen, that’s a complicated and controversial issue, sure. But the is not talking about Tian’anmen right now, is it? We are talking about whether the report is misleading about the Cathy Pacific ban.

Hard Rock Cafe Gotham Shirt



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