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Parliament is a place for babies, Yes it is. Parliament is the house of all corners of a state with the mandate to legislate and Provide laws regulating life in the state. That baby of 4 months has his/her place in that parliament because the Horror Characters Friends Halloween Shirt that come out of that parliament is applicable to that baby. How on earth can we trade the presence of an innocent baby who can’t talk, understand, walk, decide or fight against the odds of society be a big topic for discussion by old people of our ages? She was fully aware of the standing orders, she just wanted attention.

Horror Characters Friends Halloween Shirt


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Besides, parliament has a creche, she only needed to come with someone to care for the baby while she worked. I bet Ms. Hassan would not allow her housemaid to come with her baby to work. The innocent child you guys are talking of doesn’t know what is the parliament, who the mother is, what people think about his/her presence wherever. All the child wants is breastmilk to survive. Please respect the motherly love shown to the little angel. Had it been she left the child home for parliament and something happened warriors of everything correct could have rained insults on her.

Horror Characters Friends Halloween Shirt


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I imagine if a woman, or man for that matter, turned up for their shift at the local supermarket with a babe in arms the Horror Characters Friends Halloween Shirt would be none to happy. If it were a family emergency why didn’t she just call in and tell them she wouldn’t be able to attend. Are all businesses expected to provide a creche? That would certainly make my daughter’s lifeless expensive as she has to pay for private childcare. Reading these useless comments shows how people are racist. Not too long ago, there was a member of parliament in New Zealand who brought her baby to work.

Horror Characters Friends Halloween Shirt


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