I do hope it gets thrown out of the court, it is ridiculous! and I hope they are not taking this cost out of taxpayers money. The idiots should be paying damages to our country for all the trolling poor BoJo has had to endure and the false allegations. Bet he doesn’t get one single apology either. The Los Pollos Hermanos Shirt wants to think long and hard on this, with the feeling of the country about them at the moment, they need to think long and hard about democracy and the tools the PM has to allow him to do his job. Which comes back to delivering the will of the people.


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Now that the Lib Dems have had their Party Conference I’m sure they’ll be happy to go back to Westminster. Will the Labour Party be happy to cancel their conference? Early prorogation took 4 days off this sitting of Parliament, last week. This whole ‘issue’ is a joke. It’s conference season now. Why weren’t all the Party conferences canceled on April 1st after the last extension? Oh yeah, they really don’t care as much as they’d like you to think. Boris Johnson didn’t break the law as a prime minister just my opinion if you should ask me.


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The Queen speech must be respected and to the UK law recognizes the Queen’s Speech and also is paving a way to move the country forward for crying out loud. Great Britain shouldn’t be called Great for Nothing. 100% Boris Johnson and he got my support. Like absolutely everything else about Brexit nothing is black and white, even the Los Pollos Hermanos Shirt and English courts have a different interpretation of the suspension of Parliament. Thankfully, we can rely on the know it all keyboard warriors who seem to know better.


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It cannot be justified in a modern democracy to shut down the place the Institution that is Sovereign. It’s Sovereign because it is elected by the people. The length of the shut down makes it untenable. Secondly, the reason given is the most open lie in history. The referendum is used as the reason for a closer by the leave groups. A failure to recognize the danger here places us at the closest we have been to dictatorship. Not even in the World Wars did anything like this occur. The Chamber was bombed but Parliament sat. Parliament must sit. However it cannot ignore the will of the people any longer, it must make a deal as promised in the referendum campaign and it must then submit to fresh elections.

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