But wait, shortly both of these Wonderful kids are going to find themselves In different societies, schools, Universities, States, etc one shall be exposed to socialist, religious, Evolutionists or capitalist ideas as Facts and the other to something else weirder, and Both shall and the next time they Meet it shall not be sweet viral hugs but the Merry Critmas Christmas Ugly Sweatshirt or bullets crackling. We wouldn’t have to constantly show images of two toddlers, Black/White hugging, a Black teenager sheltering an elderly White woman with his jacket in the rain, or two toddlers Black/White, who decided to fool their teacher by getting the same haircut, or saying there’s no racism, because we’ve had a Black President.

Merry Critmas Christmas Ugly Shirt

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We need to remove all the carbon dioxide emissions and methane emissions that we humans have been putting into the atmosphere for hundreds of years now since the industrial revolution. Humans are smart and know there are greener cleaner ways to power our civilizations. These storms are becoming more deadly because of the effect of greenhouse gases on the climate. So pressure politicians to do something. I suggest they don’t rebuild. Use all the $ they’re getting to relocate to the main island or patriate to another country. Those smaller Abaco islands don’t stand a chance anymore. It’s only going to happen again and again.


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Turn the islands into farmland with wind and solar to feed the other islands. But no more huge populations. Bitcoin is making life better every day, the era of cashless economy is very fast up. With bitcoin, you can buy/sell anything without having to carry cash or your credit/debit card and have to drive a far way to do it. Just from the Merry Critmas Christmas Ugly Sweatshirt of yours. There are other ways of getting much bitcoin and making money out of it,you can buy at a cheaper rate and sell at a higher one, thereby making profit, you can also invest your bitcoin $300 {0.01886 BTC} earn $2500 weekly to get more to sell or keep for personal use.


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With our mining machine, we give you 100% assurance that your current bitcoin can be doubled contact me via. The Democrats have to stand up to Trump and the Republicans on gun control and make them accountable for all the gun deaths in this country past and future if they keep railing about second amendment rights instead of having honest debates about guns. Stop being such cowards and confront them on it. Interview people who have lost children in mass shootings and run tv ads on it. Fight back! We HAVE to win. People’s lives and the future of our country depend on it.

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