Population in the region has increased Jordan from about 1 million in 1960 to 10 million now. This is a country where the sustainable population was about 1 million now it is about 10 million. Many of those making up the increase is from other nearby countries also experiencing water shortage. Climate change certainly does not help but we are grossly exceeding our carrying capacity in the Minnesota Bomba Kings 307 Homes Shirt East and in the UK and elsewhere in the world. Gee, if only there were a technologically advanced country in the region with expertise in turning deserts into gardens and using water in a frugal manner to produce crops.


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It would be especially nice if they had desalination experience so they could help their neighbors produce water from the seas in the region. Oh, if ONLY there were such a country in that part of the world. I hope eventually, our President can pull the troops out of Afghanistan. It was a campaign promise he made. It’s met a lot of opposition, by powerful corporations, that profit from conflict, and has been. Tough fight for him. To make matters worse, The Taliban just keeps killing and killing.


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Even when Trump was ready to talk peace, they wouldn’t rest killing even for one day. Americans will NEVER agree to a peace treaty as long as that continues. Regardless of what the Minnesota Bomba Kings 307 Homes Shirt wants. If they want real peace, then stop killing civilians, stop killing Afghan forces and stop killing American soldiers. I see where you are coming from with this. Yes, unfortunately when you are out doing things like this, there is a risk that something bad may happen to you. It is a sad situation all around because these kids were so young and out here doing things like this that ultimately led to a negative outcome.


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It was a bad decision that cost them their lives, consequently causing parents to lose their children simply senseless. I often wonder where are we are going wrong with the young people and why is their time so idly spent getting into the wrong things. It is definitely a sad situation. I always say to my children never go and try and take nothing from nobody because it’s likely to be a deadly encounter, and these kids parents I don’t want to see them say how Steve, Joe, and John was good kids because hell no they ain’t they were armed and masked ready to steal and kill, and they got killed it’s not my fault.

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