Mic Fuchs the problem is the fed’s stepped in and started regulating the juices. Before, they were made in vape shops. We knew what went into them, now the majority of them come pre-mixed. What has the government put in these juices to do this? That’s the New Balance Kawhi Leonard Shot Basketball Shirt that immediately comes to mind. I’ve been vaping for years, and have had no issues. I was once a 3 pack a day cigarette smoker. Some of these cartridges are poorly made with substitute ingredients that are imported from other countries as well as from the states. These ingredients aren’t being broken down completely through the vaping process.


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So that gunk gets stuck to lung tissue leading to infection. And it’s not just cannabis. My suggestion is to smoke flower. The issue here seems to be a particular compound that is/was being used in THC vapes. But because vaping is so generalized in the media, this fact is lost on everyone. It would be nice if just a single media outlet would point out the fact that it’s not nicotine related devices or liquids. If the timing seems odd, it’s because it is. Not a lot is known about vaping in general, yet, but we’ve known for some time that it’s safer than smoking; the issue isn’t VG or PG or nicotine, or flavors, it has nothing to do with regular vaping.


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If you actually do your research, ALL of these big news vaping cases have been caused by the black market, illegal THC juices. The New Balance Kawhi Leonard Shot Basketball Shirt got involved a long time ago to make sure harmful chemicals weren’t being added. You cant legally sell vape juice without first getting lab-tested, and approved by the FDA. These idiots chose to use untested black market juices. They leave that part out of the stories. If you LEGALLY buy FDA approved juices, you will be fine. 2 other things I would like to add.


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How many people do you think to die every year from cigarette-related lung problems? A staggering amount. But somehow we are hearing about this vaping problem like it is an actual epidemic. It actually isn’t. Think about the millions of people who Vape. Only a handful of people have been sick from it. Even fewer have died. That is only bc they made bad choices in what they vaped. The media is blowing this up into a problem that it actually isn’t. I suspect the tobacco companies are funding the hysteria.

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