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But he might be killed the same way as them tho, as I doubt fire can destroy an undead dragon although apparently volcanoes burned dragons during the Doom of Valyria, so who knows what will happen. Virgo Queen if the wights cannot swim it means they cannot stay at the surface of water so they could still sink to the bottom where vision was attached the Rambo Rocky Sylvester Stallone Signature Shirt and walk along the bottom and get out at one of the sides Not only did the Night King ride a dragon, but he was unharmed when hit by dragon fire. Fire cannot burn the dragon.

Rambo Rocky Sylvester Stallone Signature Shirt


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He has to be a Targaryen. Also, the Targaryens are the rightful rulers and we all know the words, King of the Andals, Rhoynar and the first men. it’s not an ice dragon, Jesus Christ man. it’s a zombie dragon, if you actually read the books and know anything about the WOIAF then you know ice dragons are a completely separate entity that presides over the vast oceans to the east. Viserion is dead though. Rules don’t really reply as Samwell said Death is about forgetting. So Viserion dying is basically him losing his sense of a mother etc and therefore Night King cannot be a Targaryen. He may just be one of the First Men.

Rambo Rocky Sylvester Stallone Signature Shirt


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He was used by the Children of the forest and when he was defeated he blamed it on the Children of the Forest and wanting to kill every last remnant of them. Including their Tree’s Three-eyed ravens etc. Maybe he doesn’t have to be somebody maybe he was just a soldier. But I guess being revived as a wight or being revived with the Rambo Rocky Sylvester Stallone Signature Shirt of life are two totally different things. As a wight, you are a brainless zombie but Jon kept all his senses and probably his memories. Well we know he wants Bran because he is a connection to the Children Of The Forest.

Rambo Rocky Sylvester Stallone Signature Shirt



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