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A president that is accused of rape by more than 20 women, cheated on his wife who has multiple nude pictures online, brags about grabbing women’s genitalia, nominates a man to supreme court bench who is an alleged sexual harasser is on tweeter calling the Santa Spider Man Christmas Shirt of his political rivals. I can tell which comments of men on here that need to connect with their feminine side to be whole. Stop running from the reality of the past, just cuz a man is in a man’s body doesn’t mean they’re tougher than a female! Projecting on people for admitting their flaws to grow as a person is weak right there.


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And all it says is who you are inside to put people down for bettering themselves. These men are strong for stepping out of the Santa Spider Man Christmas Shirt of what prison should be and making it be something valuable to many. I’m proud of them and hope they can dig deeper to become healthy for themselves and society. We want people to change for the better yet tease people who do, sad. shows where your vibrations lie at the end of the day. They can learn and teach the world what a half-truth is.


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I was really trying to not be biassed and try and take something from this but he thinks men shouldn’t be dominate and masculine. The way society is, there is no room for men who want to be feminine. Men are supposed to be protectors and providers. Since we are the Santa Spider Man Christmas Shirt sex it comes naturally to protect and provide for what we love. That’s a very ancient technique, creating dependability and balance between humans and nature. That’s one of the reasons ancient Indians Philosphsphy everything is part of supernatural ie GOD. They are worshiped as God. If we humans are part of God so as you.


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What is within us equally present in you. CNN should know that it is the same country whose military raped, killed and threw the Santa Spider Man Christmas Shirt southern citizens of Nepali origin into miserable refugee camps, and many of them are still living in the refugee camps. shame on Indian democracy who let this happen inside its belly button. So peculiar how Human beings begin off with a very good heart and end up worse than Hyenas. We are born very neutral and full of gratitude, love, and empathy.

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