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Or organizations with personal interest create a new narrative to bolster the one they support. They shame anyone who disagrees with that opinion because of kids acute and you can’t argue with a kid who’s clearly been force-fed an agenda that they accept at face value. There is a reason Greta handed over the report to Congress instead of testifying. She clearly wouldn’t be able to fully understand the Star Wars Baby Yoda Hug M’m’s Shirt of the report from professional scientists. She rightfully defaulted to them instead of grandstanding. She knows what’s she’s been told but she’s also leaving behind the possibility for exploring critical viewpoints that contradict her own.


Star Wars Baby Yoda Hug M’m’s Shirt, Hoodie, And Long Sleeved, Ladies.

This is a complete failure of our government. Frightening and worrisome! We are no longer protected or safe as people or as a country. There is no longer a clear line between right and wrong in this country. There is no morality left. That is why after seeing the recent House hearings, and after really studying all that is going on with Trump, his administration, the DOJ, the Republicans in Congress, the Star Wars Baby Yoda Hug M’m’s Shirt, the Courts, it appears that our entire government system is so corrupt, so far gone, that there is a good chance of it never coming back. The younger candidates and the Progressives may have the answers after all.


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Elizabeth Warren and Mayor Pete appear to have some good answers and ideas and warrant a closer look. No more of these interviews until we have a Congress that will enforce all these Laws that are repeatedly being publicly broken. This Congress allowed this President and his clan to violate our Laws from day one. This Congress made this Presidents base relevant. This Congress fears this President and his 33%ers while totally ignoring the 67%ers that would step up and support anyone who would act Congressional.


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No faith in the majority. More corruption. More obstruction. This needs to stop. If the current administration can’t follow the law, they should not be the Star Wars Baby Yoda Hug M’m’s Shirt and anything to get needed information out should be done. A debate titled “Forced Live Organ Extraction in China” was held in the British House of Parliament on March 26, 2019. Several Parliament members from multiple parties voiced their outrage and concern over the state-sanctioned crime of forced organ harvesting being carried out in China. BBC Radio 4 covered the debate during the Yesterday in Parliament program on March 27. The PAB is running the country like Death Row Records.

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