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Love it when people think they’re right because they shout the loudest, makes him as arrogant and unwatchable as any politician. Pretty sure the guy could have been louder. What he was saying was correct, so he was right. He was merely drowning out the Waukesha South DEC Volleyball Shirt  load of repetitive lies Johnson would start spouting in his defence. Hysterical. Boris meets a voter – for the first time. That’s what happens when you venture out of Westminster. And I notice that no-one was telling this bloke to shut up.

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And yes, Boris – why were you in Morley, Leeds instead of Brussels. He looked so shifty & uncomfortable, he has no answers, he’s negotiated eff all with the EU. How we are here in this position so close to the 2nd brexit deadline is beyond me. I watched the House of Commons with disgust, human beings talking over each other, jeering, cheering. What a load of codswallop. Laughing stock. He keeps saying we’ll have a deal but isn’t doing anything, even his own MPs have begged him to show the evidence. Parliament should be open, no conferences, no weekends, right up to 31st October, and the PM should be either there or in Brussels every single day. Working on this issue.

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A male Diana Gould giving The Witch’s successor a good handbagging. Boris Janusson looks very very discombobulated as a member of the Waukesha South DEC Volleyball Shirt electorate calls him out in public. Good on that man for having ago. Let’s hope that after this Boris gets his wish and is found dead in a ditch. I find BBC bias you only show Boris being put down by public BBC should be shamed and should endeavour to have a balance view and take on political matters. What use is he in Brussels they have their minds made up he needs to make a pact with nigel.

Waukesha South DEC Volleyball Shirt



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